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Learning and visitation

2009/01/07  – faculty participated in BCC Formosa Network’s broadcasting media qualification studies

  2009/01/07  – faculty participated in BCC Formosa Network’s broadcasting media qualification studies

        On January 7, 2009, the faculty members went to BCC Formasa Network to participate in broadcasting media qualification studies. Shi-jing Kou, the executive director of the programming department explained the business and development of BCC program production and Cheng-jie Chang, Chief of Maintenance Section, introduced the BCC Formosa Network’s broadcasting affairs in centralTaiwan as well as the primary functions of Fengyuan Relay Station. In addition to accepting interview from Yu-chi Han, host of BCC Formosa Network’s Good Night Taichung program, the faculty participated in the production of a radio broadcast program. Finally, the faculty visited the main control room, recording room and other facilities.

2009/01/15 – visited BCC Formosa Network (Taichung) and participated in BroadcastingJournalist Camp

  2009/01/15 – visited BCC Formosa Network (Taichung) and participated in BroadcastingJournalist Camp

      On January 15, 2009, the faculty visited BCC Formosa Network. Director Chen explained the history and operation of BCC and the basic knowledge of broadcasting. Host Jie-mei Long explained the qualification and training required for being a host. Here, we learned things such as the definition of FM and AM and gained a basic understanding of broadcasting.

2009/01/15- interviewed BCC Formosa Network’s DirectorCheng-ching Chen

  2009/01/15- interviewed BCC Formosa Network’s DirectorCheng-ching Chen

    After visiting Director Chen, we learned that in order to survive in an industry, one must work from the ground up and establish a firm foundation in order to gain a solid ground. In addition, we learned about the history and mission statement of BCC as well as the reason for BCC to provide scholarship to Wun De Elementary School every year.

2009/01/16 – digest of the visitation of National Radio Museum

  2009/01/16 – digest of the visitation of National Radio Museum

      At 9 AM on January 16, 2009, a total of 16 of us took 3 cars and traveled to theNational Radio Museum at Minhsiung, Chiayi. We thought it was quite appropriate for the antiques in broadcasting to be placed in the old and impressive Japanese style building. Ms. Chen kindly introduced the antiques in the museum.

2009/01/19 – visited BCC’s HQ in  Taipei

  2009/01/19 – visited BCC’s HQ in  Taipei

     On January 19, 2009, we visited the BCC’s HQ atTaipei and we were received by Ms. Meng-yan Lu, BCC’s PR. Ms. While introducing BCC HQ, Meng-yan Lu mentioned that BCC was 81 years old with a different CEO and the size of its HQ was smaller than before, but its quality service remained the same.

2009/01/19 – Interview with BCC Host - Ms. Mei-ren Yu

  2009/01/19 – Interview with BCC Host - Ms. Mei-ren Yu

    On January 19, 2009, we visited BCC’s HQ inTaipei around 9:30 AM. We interviewed the famous radio show host - Ms. Mei-ren Yu. Normally, she doesn’t put on any make-up while hosting on BCC. But because she was going to be interviewed by Wun De Elementary School, she dressed up and put make-up on. She even brought her twins to work. Ms. Yu told everyone that experience is very important and that one can gain precious experience from each job, which will be quite useful later.

2009/01/20 – digest of the visitation of Wun De Elementary School’s friendly neighbor, BCC Fengyuan Relay Station

  2009/01/20 – digest of the visitation of Wun De Elementary School’s friendly neighbor, BCC Fengyuan Relay Station

     On January 19, 2009, we visited our neighbor, BCC’s central relay station - Fengyuan Relay Station. Our principal led the team and BCC’s Director You-cheng Yang hosted us and explained things. Director Yang explained ways to receive and send sound waves while the AC was making a loud booming noise. The students then visited the antenna outside and the receiver transmitter of microwave, the main control room in centralTaiwan, press line transmission area, alternator and generator and other facilities.