Research Membership-Parent

Research Membership-Parent Thoughts and what I learned [Volunteer, former Director Da-sheng Lin]

Thoughts and what I learned [Volunteer, former Director Da-sheng Lin]

About me: served as volunteer in Taitung, Nantou and Zhanghua counties; love to travel to Taitung, sometimes serves as a volunteer at Wun De.

       You can find things to learn everywhere as long as you look hard enough and as long as you work hard, you¡¦ll reap. No one thought that BCC, which was right next door, would become our target for exploration. After pre-planning, the WunDe Broadcasting Explore Team members, including teachers, students and volunteering parents, total 16 people, had to write a project proposal, prepare and list locations to visit as well as finding the interviewees and writing questions for interview; we were really busy because the teachers also had to teach and the students had to attend classes, in addition to this extra work. But no one complained and everyone was very much looking forward to this trip!

       In addition, we had to take a lot of things such as recorders, cameras and notebooks for each trip. On days of recording we studied, interviewed, and visited and after we got home, we had to type our reports; we were quite busy. But we loved it because this was a very meaningful event and everyone (especially the kids) wanted to have a beautiful memory during their growth process!

We want to deeply thank all the people who helped the WunDe Broadcasting Explore Team to complete the mission successfuly!

Research Membership-Parent Taichung   BCC  [volunteer Bao-chian Tzeng] What I learned

Taichung   BCC  [volunteer Bao-chian Tzeng] What I learned

About me: easy going, passionate about life, love traveling, and quite content with life

       The first time I explored BCC was for the teacher training on January 7, 1998, on that day I met BCC, the leader of the broadcasting industry, which was also a long time neighbor of Wun De Elementary School. First, the program planning department introduced BCC programs such as News Network, i Radio, i Like Radio and Formosa Network. They worked extremely hard to ensure good material is presented for news. Through voices, they send the message full of goodness to the listeners. Therefore, having great sound quality and excellent oral presentation is one of the basic elements required for being a broadcaster. Because of the layoff in recent years, the people that were kept accumulated a lot more experience. In the afternoon we recorded a program, which was broadcast on air at 7: 30pm at night. Our chief of student affairs and the principal took term to speak. It was interesting to see their nervous look during preparation. But I couldn¡¦t blame them; after all, it was their first time on air. However, they did very well when it was time to perform. Everyone was watching them and hoping that they wouldn¡¦t miss anything and have to start over. They successfully introduced everything about the Cyberfair project and why the school chose the topic and so on. At 4, everyone, feeling great, left and ended our training/study session.
              It is my belief that BCC representsTaiwan quite well. The educational capacity of BCC, as well as the rate of listeners for its news and its music station is often ranked number 1 or 2 on the listener chart. Here, I wish BCC performs well day in and day out. I also hope Wun De will win the event.