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       With the effort of around 50 dedicated staff members stationed in Taiwan and major cities around the world, BCC's News Network provides daily round-the-clock all news programming in Mandarin. Whenever there is breaking news or important event, most people in Taiwan turn to BCC's News Network. In recent years, its listener population has reached over one million.

        News Network is Taiwan's swiftest and most accurate source for local and international news reports, it provides, weather, traffic, sport and stock index information, and also lively news-related talk shows, in-depth analysis and commentary. Its news gathering services and around the clock's format programming are assisted by the most modern news editing system in Asia.

        News Network's programs are available to the listener in Taiwan, Chinese mainland and Mandarin-speaking communities globally. In additions, News Network is the news provider of several mobile careers and website industries in Taiwan.

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       Pop Network is the first FM network in Taiwan with most listeners of all ages. Over the past years, it offers a variety of pop music, entertainment and hottest information programs which has secured its leadership in the broadcasting industry.

        In order to meet the needs of listeners of different interest, Pop Network is broadcast 24 hours all year round. It has managed to invite people of different backgrounds to host the programs. Among them are entrepreneurs, artists, advertisers, actors, stage consultants, models, film critics, computer experts, filmmakers, musician and foreigners.

        In addition, Pop Network offers live call-ins programs and keep organizing large scale concerts, singing contests, dancing parties, etc. to establish a closer encounter with its listeners in Taiwan, Chinese mainland southeast coastal areas and overseas Chinese community. In 2007 this network was renamed as "i like radio".  

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(i radio)

       Music Network was first launched in 1988 and has since been providing listeners all over the island with the most easy listening and delicate music.

        In 1994, it launched the most advanced computerized broadcasting system in Asia. Its professional music editors and extensive music collection have guaranteed the high quality and diversity of this 24 hours music network without program host.

        In 2000, this professional music network was renamed as Wave Radio, and in 2007, as "i radio". In order to provide best quality services to its listeners that fall into the age group of 20 to 45, the so-called young adults, famous pop singers, musicians, composers, etc. are invited as program host.



       There are around four million Hakka population in Taiwan, in order to preserve the Hakka culture and to keep serving the Hakka community, BCC Taipei AM747 Hakka Channel was launched in 1997 and its frequency was changed to the present AM 747 in the following year.

        Its programming includes news, life, family, education, entertainment, custom, health, legal, folk and drama information. In order to serve better this important community of Taiwan, segments of Hakka dialect's idiom, proverbial phrase lessons are also provided through this channel that covers mainly the northern part of Taiwan. In order to diversify its programs, Taipei AM747 Hakka Channel also offers some programs in Taiwanese dialect, English, Japanese, etc.




       Formosa Network is the only island-wide Taiwanese dialect's network that provides music, entertainment and news programs to Taiwan's rural Taiwanese dialect-speaking population. Its high quality programs and its dedication to serve the rural community have been recognized by numerous awards, including the Golden Bell Awards, the Culture Development Awards, etc.

        Formosa Network offers local flavor program in Taiwanese and Mandarin to serve the listeners of over 30 years old. Reporters from BCC headquarters and 3 operation centers provide the latest news and information while talk show hosts discuss current issues such as agriculture, health, employment, leisure, personal finance, and technology. In addition, an advanced Dalet computer broadcasting system provides a song request service to listeners.

        Keep serving the rural community and providing more diverse, updated and caring programs that match with the social and agriculture development will be the main effort and goal of Formosa Network.




       In 1999, BCC's AM Network Two was renamed Country Network. Colorful and entertaining Taiwanese dialect's programs with a rich local flavor make up the largest portion of its programming that includes discussions of local customs, traditions and topics of interest to the general public. Besides, Country Network also features a strong team of popular Taiwanese program hosts.

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