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Research Membership-Terchers Name: Hsun-de Cho

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Overcoming difficulties and giving thanks ¡V concluding remark [Hsun-de Cho, Teacher]

       The major difficult of this Cyberfair project is the massive amount of information available concerning the research topic. But difficulties must be resolved and overcome in order to present the hard work doned by WunDe Broadcasting Explore Team to the readers in perfection.
      The information content concerning BCC is substantial and it was difficult to decide which to keep and which to skip. Our solution is to present everything using both pictures and texts together as much as possible to provide viewers with a concise view of BCC. The presentation is divided into 4 periods using the locations that BCC HQ was located; the locations are markers of BCC¡¦s evolution following the changing times. Because the professional knowledge concerning broadcasting is quite rich and technical, for the parts that¡¦s hard for the viewer to understand, we used the reference book published by Taiwan Broadcasting Association (edited by BCC) ¡V ¡§What? Who¡¦s talking on air? The small world of broadcasting¡¨ and presented using these categories
  ¡V common knowledge in broadcast, broadcasting host, programming and digital broadcasting in order to introduce broadcast knowledge without too many difficult jargons and yet is in depth enough. The last difficulty was that the research and study activities concerning BCC were diverse and it was hard to present everything faithfully. We have decided to place the focus on the digital image and the accompanying explanation of the activities alongside the study notes of the students. As for the interview of Director Cheng-ching Chen and famous radio host Ms. Mei-ren Yu, we are presenting them word by word in order to show the experience of the interviewee truthfully.
      Lastly, we want to thank Director Da-sheng Lin, who retired from his duties and Bao-chian Tzeng for their help, Principal Chang for his support, everyone at BCC for the assistance and the guidance offered by Director Cheng-hsin Hong, Computer and Network Center of National Chi Nan University and his IT team concerning web page making. There are so many people we want to thank; our wish is to do very well with great results and use them as thanks to all the people that has helped WunDe Broadcasting Explore Team.

Research Membership-Terchers Name: Chia-bao Wu

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Action research - Let the silent neighbor speak:exploring BCC
 [Mr. Bao-chia Wu (teacher)]

        Finding the topic wasn¡¦t as hard as imagined; all we did was gathering the children to participate, decided on conversation structure, allowing children to ask almost naïve questions; after repeated organizing, we had our direction for the project. BCC Fengyuan Relay Station and Wun De Elementary School have been neighbors for many years. Driving from bottom of Yuanlin and Chaotun slowly to the top following county highway 139, one will see the red and white towers marking the location without geting a glimpse of Wun De Elementary School. It seemed like the children could reach the station and even the ripple-like radio waves just over the wall ¡V outside of the windows. However, being so close did not make it so familiar. ¡§Why is the BCC station here?¡¨, ¡§How is sound transmitted through the scary-looking machines?¡¨, ¡§How is the crisp and resonant voice on the radio created?¡¨ Different questions were popping up during the afternoon discussion. No matter how well the teacher explained it, there was alwas a gap in understanding and the children could grasp most of it but with too many imagined details and empty comparisons. The sad part is that after the teacher tiringly lectured endlessly, he or she could still see enough faces with puzzled expression in the crowd.

       The children asked: ¡§Why not take us to BCC to understand it and learn about broadcasting?¡¨ That was the initiative we needed to break our habit of hoarding the knowledge during the process of its communication. Not only we found the topic for the research, but utilizing words such as ¡§bringing¡¨ and ¡§go to understand¡¨, we discussed and created the primitive structure of the research.
 With some guidance, the children went online and found the series on the Principals of broadcasting, and in term, they discovered there was a museum concerning the history of broadcasting in Minhsiung, Chiayi. At the same time, the other group decided to list the broadcasting machine rooms at Fenyuan Station, BCC Hakka Network (Taichung City) and Taipei BCC as their priority for research.
As the ¡§guidance teachers¡¨ assisting with the research, we learned once more from the students. The character involvement of both the researcher and the participants in the research are actually highlighted under the direction of ¡§nature-based¡¨ in qualitative research. The difference of power and careful attitude during the production of sensitive knowledge is demonstrated further in the example thinking in action research (Patton 1998). When the teacher is willing to give more power of control to the children, he and the children become closer to the spirit of ¡§critical empiricism¡¨ ¡V admitting the children and the teacher have different ¡§envelope sensation¡¨, but both have the right to perform dissertation (Pan, 2003). This research was evolved and implemented under this spirit.

        In conclusion, the purpose of this research is helping the children to understand the local speciality industry ¡V (BCC), under the influence of ¡§environmental awareness and to have a full comprehension of the humanity and culture in ¡§Wunde-Dachu¡¨ area. During this process the children are able to: 1. Understand the principal of broadcasting. 2. Transmission of broadcasting. 3 the process of program production and important people in broadcasting. Collectively, the process gives BCC, our silent neighbor, a voice and in term, the children can become the primary explorer knowledge and the receipient.

Patton, M.Q. (1998).Qualitative evaluation and research methods (trans. by Wu, C.Y., Li, F.R.).Taipei: Laureate Publishing.
Pan, S.M. (2000). Qualitative research theory and application.Taipei: Psychology Publishing.

Research Membership-Terchers Name: Wei-chun Chang

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What we learned during the Cyberfair project visitation ¢w¢w [Wei-chun Chang (Teacher)]

        Thanks to our participation in the Cyberfair project, our faculty and students had the opportunity to take a fun and academically fruitful journey into broadcasting.

         To us, the Cyberfair project was a precious learning experience. The students at Wun De Elementary School utilized this opportunity to see the face of BCC. Perhaps, a student will have opportunity listening to BCC program with others and he or she will proudly explain the ways the program is produced and transmitted, and in addition, he or she can say with pride: ¡§These programs are transmitted from where my school is lcoated!¡¨