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About Broadcasting Corporation of China(BCC)


      The satellite antenna and the microwave transmission system at  Songjiang Road  are responsible for the program transmission for the primary 11 transmission bases (including Jinmen

        Broadcasting Corporation of China (BCC) was founded in 1928. With its 81-years of history, it is the oldest broadcasting company in  Taiwan . It is also the largest broadcasting corporation nationwide with 6 stations. There is a great deal of information and stories about BCC and with the massive data available, it was difficult to edit.  

        Wunde Broadcasting Explore Team presents a digest concerning BCC with pictures and short texts. The team will introduce the path and evolution of BCC using 4 periods, each represented with a different address of BCC HQ.

Mainland  China Period

Foundation -- 1928~1949

BCC was formerly known as Nanjing Dingjiaqiao Central Radio Broadcasting Station.

       In 1928, BCC, known then as Central Radio Broadcasting Station, started broadcasting at Dingjiaqiao, Nanjing . It continued broadcasting until 1949, when BCC moved to Taiwan following the KMT government. This is called the “Mainland China Period” by BCC staff.

 New Park Period

Transition -- 1949~1972

BCC’ s HQ in  New Park period

        In 1949, the communist party took over  China, and BCC staff transported its broadcast equipment to  Taiwan under dangerous conditions and re-established its HQ at  New Park, Taipei(currently 228 Memorial Peace Park). It 1972, the HQ was moved to  Jen-ai Plaza on  Jen-ai Road. This is called the  New Park period.

Jen-ai Road Period

Growth -- 1972~1999

BCC’s HQ at Jen-ai RoadPeriod

       In 1972, BCC HQ was moved from  New Park to the  Jen-ai Plaza located at the intersection of Chianguo S. Road and  Jen-ai Road. In 1999, BCC’s HQ was moved to  Songjiang  Road, where it currently resides. This is called the  Jen-ai Road Period.

 Songjiang Road Period

Evolution -- 1999~present

BCC HQ at Songjiang Road Period

        In 1999, the HQ was moved to the  BCC Songjiang Building on  Songjiang Rd. , where it current resides. BCC officially entered Songjiang Road Period.
       On December 26, 2005, Hua Hsia Investment Co., the holding company of BCC, transferred all its BCC shares to Rong Li Investment Co. BCC officially became a civilian-run media.