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 Program production -
Host Chieh-mei Long and Host Yu-chi Han

Radio program topic – Wun DeElementary School and WunDe Broadcasting Explore Team (chinese and English)  Homepage Flash use

Radio program topic – features of Wun De Elementary School (chinese)

Radio program topic – Wun DeElementary School and WunDe Broadcasting Explore Team (chinese and English)  Homepage Flash use

Hosts : Ya-yun, Ting-wei

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Radio program topic – features of Wun De Elementary School (chinese)
and your neighborhood friendly BCC

Hosts -
Ya-yun, Tze-si, Hong-yu, Wei-wen, Ching-yu

Features of Wun De Elementary School and your neighborhood friendly BCC(chinese)MP3 FILE

Radio program topic - our specialty products(chinese)

Radio program topic - People are brought together if they are so fated(chinese)

Radio program topic - our specialty products(chinese)

Hosts -Ting-wei, Jun-hsian

our specialty products(chinese)MP3 FILE

Radio program topic - People are brought together if they are so fated(chinese)

Hosts -Ming-ching, Rong-cheng, Hsin-ju

People are brought together if they are so fated(chinese)MP3 FILE

Host Chieh-mei Long-First Recording Room

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Host Chieh-mei Long-First Recording Room(2)

Host Chieh-mei Long-First Recording Room(3)

Host Yu-chi Han-Second Recording Room

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Host Yu-chi Han-Second Recording Room(3)

Program production - Student draft for the radio program

Wun DeElementary School and WunDe Broadcasting Explore Team(English and chinese)

Hello everyone !
are your reporters, Ya-Chun and Ting-Wei, from the Wun-De Exploation Team.
We are now in Fenyuan Township, Changhua County.
The famous local products here are rice-flour noodle, pineapple,
longan, rice, etc. 
In addition, the visitors can also enjoy the beautiful mountains, versatile plants, and especially the eagles. 
Despite the lovely food and scenery around,  a special object that caught people much attention is a huge transmitter belonging to the
Broadcasting Corporation of China, located next to Wun-De Elementary School.
We will conduct a series of reports to let people know what the transmitter is for, the principle of brocasting, and also more about the beloved


The features of Wun De Elementary School(chinese)

There are three Wun De Elementary Schools inTaiwan, one is inBanchiao City,Taipei County and another is inFengshan City, Kaohsiung County. They are large schools. We’re located inChanghua County, and we only have six classes with total of 72 students. Although we’re remote, but with the leadership of Principal Chang, we made great achievements. Not long ago, we participated in Cyberfair for the first time and received Gold Medal and second inTaiwan. We even met President Ma!
    Our school lunch menu was certified as A+ 15 times in county-wide auditing process. We focus on educating nutritional values; in addition to manners, safety and health, we often hold talent competitions for nutrition. Because of our hard work focus, we have been able to win awards.
    In addition, out e-class, dialect and chorus groups perform with excellent. Especially our chorus group, which consists of members from first to sixth grade. It’s rather impressive.
    Please visit Wun De. We sincerely welcome you with open arms.

Your neighborhood friendly BCC(chinese)

    Wun De Elementary School and BCC Central Station are neighbors. The security at the station is always tight, and normally we don’t get to see what’s going on inside. However, BCC has made many contributions to local charitable causes.
    For example, there was an empty lot of land south of the school, which belonged to the BCC but it had no use for it. It donated it to our school and it became our “green genie” for rest and leisure between classes. We appreciate the love from BCC very much.
    Also, every semester BCC provide the top 3 students with scholarship. Everyone greatly admires the care for the station for encouraging students to do their best.
    I’ve received the scholarship many times. Thinking about those who has been helping me, I want to contribute to the society when I grow up.

Our specialty products(chinese)

    We are a bunch of kids that live in the mountains ofFengyuan Township,Changhua County. There’s plenty of fresh air and sunlight. The main agricultural products for our township are pineapples, litchi and longan. At the beginning of summer, pineapples, litchi and longan fruits become ripe. These fruits are our primary sources for economic means as well as our livelihood. Pineapple is called “On-lai” in Taiwanese. “On-lai” means “immediately arrive of prosperity”. Pineapples are used for sacrifices and they’re one of the favorite fruits for everyone, young or old, in the summer.
    It often feels like spring time inTaiwan and its climate is great for inhabitation. There is an abundance of fruits every season, especially in summer, which is the season that produces the most fruits, such as litchi and longan. Here’s a riddle (in Taiwanese): “You don’t have to shape it and it’s round; you don’t need to add sugar and it’s sweet.” It’s a summer fruit. The answer is Longan.
    Litchi and longan are very juicy and sweet. We bet that you’ll not be able to stop eating them! They are excellent desserts for helping you feeling cooler in the summer. It is out sincere hope that everyone could come and try and buy these three fruits during their season of abundance and aid our efforts of growing them.
   Thank you very much!

People are brought together if they are so fated(chinese)

   Even though Wun De Elementary School is a tiny school with less than 80 students in total, it has a very interesting story. See our report below:
    There were 4 students in Grade 4 Class 1. Two of the students had the same name Ching-yi. The slender one was Ching-yi Gao, and the chubbier one was Ching-yi Hsu. But what was even more interesting was that their teacher during their first and second grade was Ching-yi Lai. Everyone was amazed at the coincidence. We have a saying that “People are brought together if they are so fated.”
    As the epilogue, they have remained something resembling good friends until today, which is quite admirable.
    We genuinely wish their happiness and hope they treasure the interesting experience at Wun De.