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1. BCC began broadcasting on August 1, 1928 in Dingjiaqiao,Nanjing.


2. BCC has 6 stations and its AM stations include News Network, Country Network and i Like Radio. 


3. BCC established Fengyuan Station on July 3, 1975next to Wun De Elementary School.


4. The difference between FM and AM is the difference in “modulation”.


5. Currently, BCC has over 200 employees and its HQ is in Taipei with 9 branch stations nationwide.


6.National Radio Broadcasting Museum is located inside Taipei City Central Broadcasting Station.


7. During WWII, BCC was called the “Chongqing Frogs that would not die” and“Strange Broadcast in Chongqing” by US military.


8. In 1972, BCC broadcasted Little League World Series for the first time, and listeners gathered in front of BCC speakers to listen to the broadcast.


9. BCC’s Fengyuan transmitter at Changhua is used to relay Taipei HQ’s FM stations: i Like Radio, i Radio, and Formosa Network.


10. Internet Radio refers to general program production unit and ISP cooperating and use streaming technology to allow listeners to download the file and listen at the same time.


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