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The status quo and achievements of BCC

The live broadcasting of the news net

The live broadcasting of the news net

Our team taking a photo in front of BCC HQ Songjian Building on  Songjian Road

Our team taking a photo in front of BCC HQ Songjian Building on  Songjian Road

Host Yu-chi Han-Second Recording Room

Host Yu-chi Han-Second Recording Room


       Under the administration of the board of directors and the chairman, BCC is divided into eight departments (Programs, News, Engineering, Business Marketing, Advertisement Management, Administration, Production & Broadcasting Centre and Treasury). Till the year 2008, there are around 210 employees in BCC. Its headquarters is situated in Taipei, with 9 branch stations located around the island. From 2005, BCC has 55 transmitters and 55 backup transmitters; its total transmitter power is 593.3 thousand watts (backup transmitter power 603.5 thousand watts). There is a total of 1320 frequency-hours broadcast daily.

        From 1990, BCC's subsidiary corporation "Infinity International" was established, providing operations of industrial company briefings, commercial ads, television programs, promotional films, broadcasting programs, banquets, entertainment and performance production, etc.



        Prior to 1993, there were only 33 radio broadcasting companies in the Taiwan area, but in 2008, the number of radio stations has increased to 172. Despite strong competition, BCC has been able to maintain a listener rating of more than 20% of the island's total radio listeners. BCC's radio leadership is due to the following factors:
1) Each BCC network targets and serves a specific, well-defined audience demographic to meet the needs of different sectors of Taiwan's diverse population.
2) High program quality is carefully maintained and updated as new trends in music and radio programming are anticipated.
3) Audience feedback is encouraged and recognized as an important factor in determining programming improvements.
4) Frequent concerts, activities and promotional events strengthen the loyalty of BCC listeners.


       BCC's commitment to public service is evident in its industry policy. Every BCC's network allots a set portion of advertising slots for promoting charity, goodwill and cultural events. BCC's program hosts are also encouraged to help promote these activities by publicizing the activities during their programs and by inviting activity organizers to their programs for interviews.

        Student groups from junior high or civil societies are welcomed to tour BCC facilities, in order to encouraging young people and general public with an interest in professional radio broadcasting.

        Fashion Star Search, BCC's annual student talent contest, uncovers tomorrow's bright stars in Taiwan's entertainment industry. BCC-sponsored concerts, workshops, music events and other activities help to broaden the horizons of Taiwan's youth.

       The BCC's Mercy Foundation, funded by the corporation and employees' donation, holds regular charity functions and other public activities. Since its establishment in 1991, it has won the approval of society.

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