A description of Teresa Teng's past in Lujhou V Please follow the footsteps of Teng's Investigation Team in tracing Teresa Teng's past.

Teresa Teng's Growing-up Environment

    We followed the commercial panel of a 30-year-old beef noodle restaurant and found the small lane that led into the veterans' village and found Teresa Teng's former residence.

      In fact, the external appearance had greatly changed, as it is now a small house built with cement and metal sheets, the things inside have already disappeared and only the additionally constructed second-floor wooden loft has kept its old appearance. The rest of the area has been filled with odd things, and become the storeroom of the beef noodle Restaurant.

      We interviewed the owner of the beef noodle restaurant, who told us that the government has wanted to take back this land for reconstruction, because it was affecting the city's appearance. When the team members had heard this, we all wanted to stop this from happening, since it would mean the destruction of Teresa Teng's most important former residence in Lujhou, and in future the local and international tourists, or the future people in Lujhou, would be unable to see it. So we wanted to write a letter to the Mayor, and included the whole staff and students of the school in a petition to voice our request. This was an idea obtained after interviewing Lian-fu Yang and Teacher E-yu Fan also expressed the desire to accompany us.

(However, after we asked the City Council, we discovered that the residents on that land was residing illegally, which was the reason for the forced removal)

Notes from the Visit Ai-ting Wang

      We saw Teresan Teng's former residence and were very surprised! Wow! It was really small. How did a family of 7 fit in there?

      Now Teresa Teng's former residence is the storeroom of a beef noodle restaurant; we thought we were at the wrong place! When we visited, we could not stay long and had to return to school. I hope we will go on an excursion to interview other people again!

Teng's Investigation Team steps on the road to seek Teresa Teng's former residence.

The second floor was where everyone slept when she was young.

Teresa Teng's former residence has lost its original appearance and is now the storeroom of a beef noodle restaurant.

Teresa Teng's Old School

    In the school's history room, at the Teresa Teng Exhibition Area many of her memorabilia, like photos, posters and records are on display. Teacher Wu told us the stories of each photo and there was a photo which Teresa Teng took, at the Bridge and Stream in the school. We admired her even more after the teacher gave us a tour of her life. The teacher also introduced two people: Lian-fu Yang and Teacher Han-chuan Liao . Mr. Yang wanted to promote Lujhou's culture and had studied Teresa Teng; he had provided most of the displayed items in the schools' history room. Teacher Liao was formerly Teresa Teng's teacher, and had told us stories about her student life. Before leaving, we wrote down our thoughts on Teresa Teng, so that the people who will visit later will also see our thoughts and admiration for her.

Lujhou Elementary School 's History Room contains many of Teresa Teng's collectable items, which were mostly provided by Lian-fu Yang.

Before leaving we left our respects and longing for Teresa Teng on the maple leaf.

The Teng's Investigation Team was focused on listening to Teacher Wu's account of Teresa Teng's life.

Teresa Teng's childhood religious ground


    On the same day, we also interviewed a nun at the Catholic Church, and discovered that the church has undergone full external renovation, while the priests and nuns who had come into contact with Teresa Teng had mostly left. Sister Wang, who guided us, had told us that Teresa Teng became Catholic at this church. At that time, the economy was undeveloped so America was providing assistance to Taiwan , by handing out flour and food from religious center, which solved some of the living problems of the people at the time and may have been the reason why Teresa Teng joined the Catholic Church. Teresa Teng had often spent her childhood playing around the Church.

      Other than offering us information related to Teresa Teng, Sister Wang also told us some stories about Jesus, which we all thoroughly enjoyed!

The Teng's Investigation Team walked into the saintly Church and became serious.

  With the explanations provided by Sister Wang the children carefully studied how Jesus came about.

Everyone took a photo with Jesus on the cross and thanked him for enduring the suffering of people.

      After walking through where Teresa Teng had been, we tried to imagine her past life and felt the environmental hardship at the time, yet she did not succumb to a poor society, and with her hard-working attitude, had enriched her talents to become an internationally-known Chinese female star. She is an extraordinary member of this school's alumni.

1.19.1961in Catholic Church