Changhua Guandi Temple is a county level Grade III historic building. It was originally located inside the south gate of old Changhua County and moved here during the reign of Emperor Qianlong. It is mainly for the worship of Holy Emperor Guan and boasts the only "Green Dragon Crescent Blade" in Taiwan which was a gift from the Guandi Temple in Haizhou, Shanxi in 2003 as a souvenir for the exchange between the two temples. Changhua Guandi Temple inherited the architectural style of temples worshiping Guandi in the Qing Dynasty with simple carving decoration. In the main hall of the temple, the column with the pattern of Chiwen replaced the normal frame practice of a main hall reflected the style of Cantonese craftsmen which was rare among the temples in Changhua in the past. Through the explanation by the guide of Changhua City Office, we became aware of the beauty of Changhua Guandi Temple and found the patterns of some of the Nine Dragons, Suanni, Yazi, and Pulao.

A group photo of the members of Dragon Hunters in front of Guandi Temple

Guandi Temple is the Grade III historic building.

The concise style reflected by the pattern of "Jiaotu" in Guandi Temple

The statues of "Jiaotu" can stabilize the door planks.

In front of the main hall, the censer with a cover (commonly known as the censer of the ruler of heaven) is mighty and restraining.

On the feet and the cover of the censer, there are patterns of "Suanni, one of the Nine Dragons.

On the feet of the censer, there are patterns of "Suanni, one of the Nine Dragons.

A medium-sized censer with a cover in the back hall, which maintains the mighty and restraining style of Guandi Temple.

The only "Green Dragon Crescent Blade" in Taiwan is kept in the temple.

The pattern on the blade handle is "Yazi", one of the Nine Dragons.

The sword with a blessing light has the pattern of "Yazi" on its handle.

A special large statue of Guandi in Changhua Guandi Temple.

Look! There is a "Pulao" on the ear of the bell.

A censer with the pattern of  "Suanni" on a prayer table.

A touch of the point of the writing brush will bring you good academic achievement.

Description of "Green Dragon Crescent Blade" in the temple.