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(B) Special Research Project Overview

1. The Competition category we participate is: Local tourism Resource

2. Our "local community" is : Maokong area in Mucha, Wenshan District inTaipei. The mountain is belong to Erg (two cells mountain), in the past, Maokong was one of Taipei's largest tea producing area, now still famous of tea. Currently the Maokong Gondola is one of the famous tourism spots in Taipei, the specialty including TiegGuanYin tea and bamboo shoots, because of locating on suburb hill of Taipei, the scenery is very beautiful and with great night view, it’s a good place which can’t miss to visit when travel to Taipei. Therefore we determine to research Maokong for the project.

3. The summary of our special research project is: In early time, Maokong is famous for tea, there are many crisscross road, there are a lot of ancient trail and Baojia Road, most of them been developed for leisure hiking trails, let people realize Maokong through the trail roaming, the trails in Maokong trail is quite distinctive, different from other trails in Taipei, there are special geology, combine tea and farm and also tea culture, visit Maokong trails, not only recognize Maokong geology, history, culture and for explore the Maokong beautiful scenery, closet with nature. Our research is based on roaming trails, through this study and research, present all of you to realize the beautiful Maokong.

4. The challenges what we encountered and overcome:: Since heavy schoolwork of sixth grade, most of us have other activities on Wednesday afternoon and holidays, it’s a bit difficulty to gather all of us, because of researching hiking trails, be sure that we have to visit personally to get result, due to many trails, we have no enough time to visit & interview one by one, it’s the most difficult for us to encounter. Later, we decided to split in several teams, subject to the available schedule to research together, some of two in a group and some of three or five depends on the free time. the number of visits carried out then finally we completed all of the visit works.

5. Experience: Just found that we do not like to climb the trail, however after the activities, all of us found the trail are very beautiful, by every visit, we feel that we will improve our skills, including guts training and topic designing for interview, managing of route and timing distribute, the interview politeness and upgrading of computer skills been updated obviously, the most important to close our relationship between classmate before graduation.

Please explain what kinds of technology information do your team to complete your special study program?

In this study, most of information s are come from mobile phone, digital cameras and voice recorder, also with a single lens camera and a bridge camera, the web information from Public Works Department and related books and magazines, to scan the maps by scanner for clear image.

All of us have our own camera, we will use mobile phone to record films when necessary and also by digital camera. In addition, we use LINE APP as a contact tool, use it to contact during the holiday interview, we share our photos and information on Google Drive as well E-mail.

The students who participate the thematic research program represents Ambassador respective their communities, introduce to the global viewers about the local characteristics for the mission. Please explain what kinds of method do your team to introduce, through personal contact or online to play the role of "ambassador"? In order to complete this thematic research programs, the contact and interviews with the local people is inevitable, please explain which channel do you use to communicate with others ? we contact personally, correspondence, telephone or e-mail. We also want to hear some interesting anecdotes, stories or results of the contacts, for example, if someone visits chool then for assistance or donations? Local people on the move for you did it? How they say it?

This study we interviewed some people, probably divided into several sections, including tourists (Taiwanese and foreigners), the local shops and restaurants, volunteers of The Develop Center and the chief of the Geotechnical Engineering Office. We will post the message of interview on FB publicly, and deliberately interviewed foreign tourists for their comment. The study of our interview is mostly personal visit the Maokong and the Geotechnical Engineering Office, hopefully the information is the most updated. The most interesting interviews with the local people, including the grandma selling sweet potato, the boss of selling octopus ball and the boss of selling tea jelly. in addition to introduce the beautiful scenery, also gave us some guidelines, it’s benefited greatly.

During the process of special research project, what kind of impact and effect to your team ? any comment or suggestions?:

Although our study comes ending, actually it’s the beginning of recognizing the trails, previously, we think that the walking trail is boring, we won’t to climb on holidays, however, by this research, we discover the trails are beautiful, also found the trails are associated to the local history and culture, the greatest impact to us is -- how I had not found the trails so beautiful? We determine to climb the trails continuously in future, and introduce the research result to all, wish everyone come to realize about the trails.

Discovery, lessons and surprises
The biggest thing we found is knowing that there are many fun trails in Maokong, every trail has its own characteristic, some related with tea, some related with cats, some are easy climb, some are hard walk but with amazing scenery, after complete hiking, you will find the tea jelly is a wonderful food in the world, Maokong is not far away from home, we can’t find the its beautiful previously, and now, finally able to understand - the beautiful in fact on the side .

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