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Study Motivation
Walk-in the tails of Mao Kong

The place we live not far away from the Mao Kong, the family often to walk up the hill together from Zhang Shan Temple which next to Mao Kong, or having meals with family, friends together at Mao Kong. This place is quite a familiar place for us, even so, same as most people, we’re impressive of Mao Kong cable and the tea culture only, when Mom and Dad were asking for hiking, reluctantly, I do not know what fun mountain climbing is.

Because local school requested a Ta Cha activity course, it means excursion in Spring, the teacher told that the 6th grade students need to climb the Dragon Trail, by the chance, also will guide us many trails around Mao Kong, in which every trail have their own story. We’re very interested and expect to learn more from teacher about the story of these trails, the teacher borrow the magazine "Discover the Mao Kong" through the Geotechnical Engineering Office Public Works Department of Taipei City, we discovered that there are really a lot of trails around Mao Kong, crisscross, some formed interworking cyclic trails, and some can climb high overlooking, and some can be passed to other scenic areas, is really very interesting.

Being the children grow up at Mucha, we should responsible of promotion the trails to the people outside of MuCha, let them to know about these walking trails, not just climbing on the trails to close nature in addition to physical fitness, but more exposure to these trails, learn the history and culture of this place, we expect to let everyone know, Mao Kong , not to the end of the cable car station, walk forward, you will find the beautiful of Mao Kong if walk along these trails.

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