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Research Review
Research Review

Once we decided the topic for research before summer holidays, the teacher let us start to explore in summer vocation by our own, in the past six months, we have to climb over a lot of trails at Maokong area, from unaware about them but now we are quite familiar and can be a guide, we learn a lot of experience of everything. Because the time always is not consensus, we have to divide in separate teams to discuss by every Wednesday afternoon, and the survey on holidays, during the period, we can’t found the trails we are looking for, then venture to chat with the local residents; also had been miscalculated time to downhill very late, really shock; we had been impolite due to inappropriate wording during the interview; also had been can’t find anyone for interview during long time climbing. However, we got the fun of climbing in the hiking surveys, learn the history and culture of Maokong how its fun, now we can take family and friends to walk on the trails, taste local food, we are able to introduce the scenery of Maokong anytime, our relationship between friends, and to the family are closer, we sincerely hope that our introduction will help this place much vitality.

Let the people who know only about gondola and tea house, let the people who fear of climbing, to learn more about the story of nature scenery, culture and ecology environment, to love much Maoking like we do.

Study Conclusion Review – Yang Cho Ju
I though the hiking is a very boring activity, through this survey that I learned the climbing trail will expand their knowledge, to absorb phytoncid good for health, know a lot of people who have fun activities, we recommend everyone to participate the climbing which is suitable for the family to participate together.

Study Conclusion Review – Tai Teng Fu
I think the hiking trails is wonderful to everyone, not only get closure of nature scenery but also for exercise, strengthen their own physical fitness, furthermore to aware the local cultural characteristics, and enhance better relationship of parent-child, it’s highly recommended to everyone.

Study Conclusion Review – Tsa Tzung Shiuan
I think that we can know the local cultural characteristics through the hiking trails, but also to make friends with local residents. One time, we went to the interview, I met a grandmother selling vegetables, we have a great & fun chat. The Climbing trails is really a great activity to expand our awareness.

Study Conclusion Review - Tsai Cheng Lin
It’s great & fun no matter interview travellers or climb the trails this semester, I go with our team to Maokong this time, I am aware lots of scenery there, taking the chance of study and interview, also to know the wonderful places & yummy foods at Maokong, learning much history about Maokong, it’s really great.

Study Conclusion Review – Chu Kung Ying
I achieve a lot of experience thru this research, to study trails, let me contact the nature which I usually not to do, I discovered the place which is so quiet in the city, although the nature is, there are still a lot of beautiful scenery, Some times we walk in the trails, the road condition is very dangerous, even walk in the dark, we almost got lost, however, I still like to climb the trail as there are many different routes and worth to explore. Local people are wise to answer our questions, even thought to let us know much more not only local history, the trail itself is fun although it’s only stairs and stone road, however it’s wonderful when you’re walk it in, to explore the place slowly & quietly, you will know different people when every time there, will find different landscape, it’s worth to discover and explore, no matter when available or specifically to go, they are beautiful even it looks humble. I think my research makes sense, whether the Taiwanese or foreigners, I would like to let them know this beautiful place, passion people and quiet of the mountain, I would like to thanks for the former people, because of their reclamation to let us know much more about this place, even lots of people have introduced it, I would like to have my own way to introduce as well, the former gave us a road, not just a road but full of history trace. Thanks for this winter and the trails gave me something but not the end, the former give us the history, we should give them the answer, I hope so.

Study Conclusion Review - Chou Huan Yu
After this research, I learned much more knowledge about the trails, and have a good taste of Tieguanyin & BaoZhong tea, I also know the story of the tea master Zhang Nai Miao. After climbing some of the trails, in fact, walk the trails will help to strength our health, also will improve our friendship, it’s really great to do so.

Study Conclusion Review – Yen Yu Hsuan
By participating this study, I further understand well about Maokong, and the passion residents in the Maokong area, previously I think the climbing is quite tiring and boring, however I think the climbing can strength physical fitness, absorbing natural phytoncid in leisure time, after several "Maokong Tour", I am sure as long as you have enough energy and sharp obvious, then you can walk the trails one by one, to challenge the others. During this journey, you will hear the story only belong to cats, and the great masterpiece of nature.

Study Conclusion Review - Chen Li Long
In my childhood, my family would take me to climb mountain, however I always go reluctantly and always think: Why waste time to do these silly things? When I participate the study of trails, we have to climb along the trail with team often, originally I dislike the climbing, I began to expecting the activity, now seems my physical fitness is better, and the relationships with my friends is improved. Now I understand well that the climbing trails not only for exercise, but also bring surprises to us, let every visit full of laughter.

Study Conclusion Review - Lin Yung Ching
By the event of trail visiting, not only enjoy the beautiful mountains but also sport, it’s really a good way to go. In the mountains, you can breath the fresh air which is benefit for health, we learn lots of plants and insects species when walk in the trails. I think the trails walking made me change a lot, previously I do not like to close nature at all, because of this study, I would rather like to close nature more, sometimes still fear but I'm really happy that I have participated in this event, I am changed because of this participation!

Study Conclusion Review - Yu Tzu Hao
In this study, I met a lot of challenges, because my age is younger than the others of team, not good skill of interviewing, thanks to the brothers and sisters teach me a lot of interviewing skill. I learned lots of insects which I favorite during this Maokong survey, I think the climbing trail really interesting, I hope everyone can find the fun of finding ecological from the trails, same as me.


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