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Travel notes
Our Roaming note Record Form

Our Roaming note

The Ancient Tea Trail
Yu Hsuan visited in summer holidays
Yu Hsuan Experience
To visit this Ancient tea trail, I learn furthermore knowledge about this trail, previously we do not have chance to climb it, by this hiking chance, I think it is very practical, saying: "Read ten thousand of books is worse than walk the ten thousand miles of road”, to visit personally, it is much better than the knowledge on web or books, during the visit and interview, also experience the friendliness of our people of Taiwan, and receive the essence of nature, it’s really a lot of harvest.

The Camphor Trail
Teng Fu visited in summer holidays
Teng Fu Experience
The Camphor trail formerly is one of the Bao-Jia road throughout Maokong area, in the recent years, it becomes a most popular hiking trail in Maokong. Along the way to create a rustic rural-inspired theme, such as soil cube house, tea plantations, vegetable gardens and other, it is very traditional sense.

The Zhanghu Trail
Li Long visited in summer holidays
Li Long Experience
Due to this event that I did not waste my summer holidays, at the same time doing homework, not only learn a lot of knowledge, but also train my guts, the best for health and get a lot of benefits.

The Camphor, Dragon, Rock Lions footsteps Road
Cho Ju visited in summer holidays
Here is a fun facility called rotatable barn. When a person sit on it while another person can turn this barn to make it move, move a bit forward inside you will see a pavilion, some of camphor tree outside the pavilion.
There is a grandmother selling vegetables, she said that the store has been selling vegetables to the fourth generation. Her ancestors immigrated from Anhui Province. She said that she had only one vegetable remain after Sudi-Le typhoon attract her garden. Later on, we went to the ZhangShan Temple which built in 1931, it’s been 75 years-old of history, the appearance of this temple is simple and sedate, the temple dedicated to Guanyin Bodhisattva, according to legend early, in 1912, resident lived nearby Zhanghu, who found a rock looks like Guanyin, so they workship sincerely, since pray efficacious to increase many believers, then believers spent money to build the temple and in 52 times renovation to the exist appearance.
We also passed thru the Rock Lions footstep trail, along the way to Dragon trails (ZhangShan Temple Trail). Finally, we return to our homes from National Chengchi University to complete our trail tour.

Dragon Trail
Cheng Lin visited in summer holidays
At the entrance of Dragon Trail stairs, I am tire when I see a long stairs ahead then I ask my dad to take a rest for half hour, however when I saw the sign to show 1km distance then I feel easy and happy, it’s really great sense of accomplishment after complete the trail.

Tea scented annular Trails
Huan Yu visited in summer holidays
My family and I went to the Maokong for hiking, I chose tea cyclic Trail (polycyclic), we went to the Little Skywalk trail where it is suitable for the distance, there is a great teapot landscape, then we went to the ecological potholes trails, overlooking the forest, cicadas show occasionally, it must be a haven for wildlife, my brother was scared by a human face spider there! Here, I am a "city folk" and my dream to see “alive” wild frogs is realized in here, what amazing!

Zhanghu Trail
Kuan Ying visited in summer holidays
I visited the trail for tourists interview, found everyone has their own comment on the topics, I found the trail for some people is a exercise for their health, some for tour & leisure, some for nostalgia,. The trails are reminiscence and seems like a magic let people would like to close it. In the rich ecological environment, we can dance with nature, during the interview, make me in different point of view on the trails, Zhanghu is an ancient trail, hope everyone to visit and feel where the beautiful of the Zhanghu is.

Tea scented annular Trails
11/29 Yung Ching, Li Long & Teng Fu

Yong Qing Experience
In Sunday morning we went to the potholes trail, firstly we saw a small bridge, it’s fun to walk on it. Then we went the aother way and saw a small squirrel, super cute! Finally, a road has a lot of dragonflies makes me scared and had to say no further go, however there were someone come up from the river side, said that there is a waterfall for playing water, we take off our shoes immediately to play water, cool water like in summer, lot of fun.

Dragon Trail
12/5 Huan Yu, Yung Ching, Teng Fu, Cheng-lin

Huan Yu Experience
A few days ago we went to the Dragon trail, the Dragon trail is flat and smooth, the scenery is beautiful, but the only thing I feel very disgusted in a section of the road, it’s almost full of the cobwebs and spiders, we girls scare and faces become pale too, not sure Yu TzuHao will be happy if he is here ?

Yung Ching Reviews
Last Saturday when we went to go dragon trail, we encountered a lots of spiders on the road, it’s terrible. Before walk in the Dragon trail, we play a game by shamrock and eat tea jelly, we take a rest and eating in pavilion after climbing, we walk unconsciously in the center of the road when walk downhill, when cars approaching then everyone scream, it was a bit silly but it would be very funny in our memories!

Teng Fu experience
On Saturday, I went to Maokong trails together with my classmates, this time we walk on Dragon trail also known as ZhangShan Temple Trail, this trail is short and not big ups and downs, it is very easy to walk, along the road there are many miscanthus which is very beautiful. The end of this trail is Chengchi University, you can directly downhill, it’s very convenient and suitable for elderly or children.

Tea Fair Center Trail
12/9 Huan Yu & Kuan Ying

Kuan Ying experience
Today, Zhou Huan Yu and I go to Tea Fair Center for visit, it is a place with fun,let people know more about the tea culture. After leaving the Tea Center, we visit Tea Fair Center Trail, this loop trail is very beautiful and not difficult to climb, further more you can recognize the Maokong culture, we encounter are some foreigners for interview, this experience is great, to pratice English as well practice courage, it’s fun.

Galaxy Cave Crossing Trail
12/12 Huan Yu, Cho Ju & Kuan Ying,
1/02 Cho Ju & Tzung Shiuan

Huan Yu Reviews
On Saturday, We went to Galaxy Cave trail, we saw the beautiful Galaxy Cave, we wash hand the spring water, the cool spring water is quite different to regular running water, we receive lots of beautiful gifts from nature, we shouldn’t destroy them. To see the waterfalls from the high flow down, I thought, this road may be hard but they are worth to visit..

12/12 Cho Ju experience
On Saturday, We went to the Galaxy hole crossing trail, the day was a rainy day, we started to climb from Maokong trailhead, where there are two roads, one is stairs, another one is a ramp, we do copperplate decisions to walked the ramp one, but when we climbed a while, we found these two roads are linked, cause us waste of our money (when we throw the copperplate but missed it, the coin fell into the ditch).

1/02 Cho Ju experience
Because of Tsai Tzung Shiuan did not come to Galaxy Cave Crossing hill last time, we decided to climb again. In the trailhead, we met an old couple who come every week, they feel where the scenery is beautiful. On the way, we met an English, this is the first trail he climbed in Taiwan, we interviewed in English, so cool~

Little Skywalk
12/17 Cho Ju & Huan Yu

Cho Ju experience
Yesterday afternoon, Zhou Huan Yu and I went to climb the trail, at the beginning we do not know which trails to climb, then select Maokong Crossing Hill, but we did not check the map then in the wrong way to the small Skywalk, even worse, we arrived it after dark, after we finished the interview of a group, we two walk alone in a dark street and next to the tomb is very terrible, finally we back to the cable car station, get on Maokong Gondola, I am moved but say nothing.

Maokong uphill trails, climbing trails
12/19 Teng Fu, Cheng Lin & Yu Hsuan

Teng Fu experience
On Saturday when we came Maokong Crossing trail, this trail is uphill, along the road is only one pavilion for rest, it’s very hard to get up, then downhill when we are on the way back which is much easier ,it tells if no good leg muscles, it’s unable to climb.

Yu Hsuan Reviews
On Saturday, we climb Maokong uphill trail, the way is to keep uphill, of course, it is to keep the downhill on return, it’s very tire. We also went to Uphill trail which in opposite of MingDeGong temple, the pavilion is suitable for overlooking WenShan district, because you can see Taipei 101, Dai DENG FU invited us come here to celebrate on the New Year eve!

Cheng Lin experience
On holidays, our team went and climbed the Maokong Uphill and Zhanghu trail, the scenery here is very nice, a lot of the cosmos. To climb the Galaxy hole crossing hill, I think my classmate is right, it really is better to climb the Maokong as easier, all uphill along the road, and only a pavilion, still feel a little bit tire, this trail is really with higher challenge. There are many facilities on Zhanghu trails, like the musical instruments which is very romantic.

Camphor Zhanghu trails, Maokong uphill trail, Dragon Trail
1/27 Cho Ju, Teng Fu, Cheng Lin, Kuan Ying, Yu Hsuan, Li Long, Tzu Hao

Yu Hsuan Reviews
Came to Maokong, our mission today must complete the "Camphor Zhanghu cyclic Trail tour", to collect different stamping "cat", the way we met: turn barn, forest piano… like fusion of nature and design ingenuity tea culture, very interesting and fun, let people to climb the road and understand the former farmer’s effort, as well as the history of tea culture, at this point, grunt ~ our stomachs are empty, so we went to the restaurant and ordered some tea dishes, how could we miss to try the famous dishes when you are in ? especially the one of the "tea boiled eggs" but this is not the ordinary eggs sell in chain convenient store, it’s fried eggs but added in the tea, eggs Is delicious with blending of tea, must eat when you visit it ~ I believe that if you come to Maokong, do not miss these delicacies dishes and wonderful things with fun!

Cheng Lin experience
Today, my classmates and I wentmet at McDonald's then take the cable car to teacher, we’re going to Maokong’s Camphor and Zhanghu cyclic trails, we play the stamping on the road, not only to find all the rubbing table, but also took lot of pictures. In noon, teacher took us to lunch at the DaGuanYuan restaurant, we ate the delicious tea oil noodle. After lunch, we went to Maokong Crossing Hill, then ready to go home after finish hiking, we go forward cable station but the cable was suspended due to strong wind! Finally, we had to go to ZhangShan Temple, on the way we pass through the place where selling tea jelly, which store owner is Zhang Nai Miao posterity, the tea jellyy he made is super delicious! After eating, we move forward to ZhangShan Temple, then down from the Dragon trail, just went home.

Cho Ju experience
By the Cyberfair climb trails activities, let us aware of the place "Maokong", discover the beautiful Wenshan and Maokong,. When we visit these trails, we experienced a lot of wind and rain, to overcome the steep terrain, as well as many interested things. Through this activities, hopefully we can let more people understand well about Wenshan characteristics, bring tourist crowds, but also hope that we can get good results

Tzu Hao experience
Today, I walk together with the seniors sisters & brothers on Maokong trails, it very interesting, originally I would like to climb, it is much more fun with everyone, I think that every trails design are unique, full of surprise when you walk in, Today also eat a lot of yummy food, all of the local food are very delicious.






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