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Maokong Trail excursion
Before stroll
Camphor Zhanghu to find the Kitties stamping
Tea scented annular trail
Rural tour half Day
Romantic one day trip
Phytoncid half day
Tea culture day tour
Before stroll

In this section, we will explain how to schedule the stroll to Maokong. About the main trails, we would like to introduce Camphor Zhanghu loop tail and Tea Scented trail, different to the former charter we introduced the characteristic of the trails, in this section, we mainly introduced “How to play” in the trails. Among the Camphor Zhanghu trail, we will introduce the stamping game conducted by Public Works Department “Hunt the treasure of Maokong”, follow to find the cat footprint stamping, further introducing t in the happy stroll, the beautiful scenery and culture belong to Maokong will be infiltrate in mind.

In tea scented loop trail section, we will introduce how to play, where to take rest, what to explore, here, the trail is not just trail but a good place to explore the history and culture of Maokong.

In addition to the theme trail section, we've put together “Treasure Hunt of Maokong” raised by Publics Works Department and the concept of Tourist Bureau “Maokong Green Journey” recommended for trails of Maokong, also our hiking experience of these trails, we conclude in the four routes for your reference, to modify in 1 day tour or half day tour, up to your plan, or do more different permutations and combinations to find the fun of travelling Maokong.

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