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About Maokong

There is a riddle, "Hello Kitty sold out," the answer is "cat empty (Maokong)." Well, is the place really without any cat? Actually not, "Maokong" (cat empty) nothing related about the cats, but added it is saying about the special terrain.

If you had been the potholes trail, went to the cute rope bridge, you can view the river from the rope bridge, there are various profiles and books to describe about the potholes of Maokong, these potholes distribute in the river which from uneven stones of the riverbed, with wrinkles and holes, because the rock construction is not consistent, the upstream rushing water and constantly undercut the riverbed, to form different pothole and caves slowly, and these caves on the edge of small and large at the bottom, like a tea pot, so called potholes. Because of these potholes hole, in early time, Maokong local residents called "wrinkle pit" (Taiwanese), thought "pit" is an indecent word, then change the words similar to Taiwanese pronunciation "Maokong "

Maokong, there was a funny old name called - wild boar hood. Because in the past, there were many wild boars and the Maokong area was farm reclamation, mainly wild boars often eat crops and causing losses of farmers, the farmers did dig traps to catch wild boar, so here it is also known as " boar hood ", really funny, isn’t it ?

Maokong are Erg mountain suburbs at Wenshan District in Taipei, the mountain is famous with National Chengchi University and Taipei Zoo, to go to Maokong, in addition to their own car ride, the most environmentally way is taking bus or Maokong Gondola, or walk among the trails from National Chengchi University or Zhi Nan Elementary school to walk uphill. This place is famous for tea, one of the most important tea producing area in Taipei City, a hundred years ago, the Zhang family moved from Anxi, Fujian settled here, forming a village after reclamation, since Anxi is famous with tea production, therefore the residents of this tea were producing tea, too. The Maokong famous tea master Zhang Nai Miao, produced excellent Pouzhong tea during the Japanese colonial, he was given the Japan Governor Excellence Award competition, he also brought back the good quality of Tie Guanyin tea tree from Fujian to plant in Maokong tea, the environmental conditions is very appropriate for planting tea tree, in addition, the Japanese government to promote Tieguanyin then it becomes an important specialty product in Maokong.

If you are interested in tea culture, the Guanyin Tea Development Center on the Tea Center trail, it has a very detailed introduction about the tea, there are also enthusiastic volunteers to explain, you can also taste free tea and it is worthy to visit, Zhanghu trails nearby tea master Zhang Nai Miao memorial House, you can explore the local tea history. Tea Development Centre on the trail, there are long pottery story wall, according to the local agriculture-based human history, by climbing the trail, you can also learn the ancient & to-date history of Maokong. The Maokong trails, there are many small trails across and everything details related to the tea everywhere, tea fence, teapot installation art, one core with two leaves pavilion & tiles, lovely tea pavilion, and the ubiquitous tea farm, when you visit, you would be surrounded by tea related .

Mao Kong, not just born for the cable car sightseeing, to explore the beautiful Maokong thru walk among the trails, looking through the introduction of the topic, we can get out of the cat cable station, start from these beautiful trails to explore Maokong where brought us the natural ecology, history and culture, enjoy the luxurious feast of tea and culture.

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