Changhua roundhouse is close to Changhua train station, so most of the tourists come here by train.  Besides, Changhua city is a ancient city with long history.  Thus, it is full of Chinese culture and abundant tourism resources.  There are numerous historical landmarks(like Temple of Confucius, etc.), night markets(like Street Xiaoshi, etc.), and popular sightseeing spots(like Changhua roundhouse, etc.).  By the way, the most popular of all is the Budda statue on the top of Mt. Bagua(Baguashan). And, in recent years, several bike paths have also been established for bike riding lovers.  In short, come here, and you are certainly impressed!

▲There is a tour guide map set up in front of Changhua train station. 

▲Various kinds of sightseeing spots are marked on the map.(The red line is the path of biking.)

▲Another guide map near the train station shows the route of city sightseeing bus.

In addition, Changhua is famous for its various delicious foods, such as peitou meatballs, braised pork rice, and cat mouse noodles(a knid of noodles not related to cats and mice).  All kinds of the foods are very cheap and delicious.  Now, let's take a look there after visiting Changhua roundhouse!

▲The Entrance of Street Xiaoshi

▲The Store of Serving Famous Cat Mouse Noodles

▲The most representative food of Changhua is peitou meatball.

▲The most famous peitou meatball store-- A-Chang Peitou Meatball.  The store is always crowded with people on holidays.

▲There is  a sixty-year original peitou meatball store next to A-Chang's store.

▲It's a store serving hand-made breads and cakes made by children with Kanner's Syndrome.


▲There is a store serving ancient pancakes at the street corner.

▲A Famous Vegetarian Food Store