Structure of The Garage

When Changhua roundhouse was built, there were only 6 tracks(No.6~8) there.  One steam locomotive could be stored in one track of the garage.   Tracks No.1, 2, 9 and 10 were not built until 1924.  Then, in 1933, tracks No. 11 and 12 were established.  By ten-year building, the tracks of Changhua roundhouse had increased to 12 tracks.  The tracks spread out from the center of the traverser and form the shape of a unfolding fan.  The degrees of angle between two tracks is about 8.25.  There are also checking pits below every track in the garage.  In addition, outside the garage, there are there extra tracks for stopping locomotives.    To sum up, there are 15 tracks in Changhua roundhouse at present.

▲Outward Appearance of Tracks

▲There are chimneys marked numbers on the roof of tracks.

▲The Stored Electric Locomotive

The inner structure of the garage was made of concrete, which was very advanced at that time.  In addition, pillars on the roof crossed each other to support the weight of the roof, and there were two chimneys on the front and back of roof above every track to exhaust smoke.


▲The Hole for Exhausting Smoke on the Back of Roof

▲Closer View of Exhausting Hole

▲The exhausting hole were originally designed for steam locomotive.

▲Take a closer look!

▲The chimneys are taken as the exits of the smoke.

What below the tracks is the checking pits for checking or repairing equipments under locomotives.  In early years, it was very hard to build. 

▲Back of The Garage

▲Back of The Garage

▲The checking pit is below the locomotive.

▲Another View of The Checking Pit

▲Stored Locomotives in The Garage

▲Front View of A Checking Pit

▲The workers keeping the locomotives in good repair usually work in the pits below the tracks.

▲CK101 is a rare and valuable kind of steam locomotive.

▲Electric locomotives can be stored in the tracks No. 1~7.

▲There are also checking pits below these tracks.

▲The drain holes in front of the garage can drain water from the surface of the ground in case of heavy rain.

Changhua roundhouse had been used for steam locomotives maintenance. Till 1960 Taiwan Railway Administration electrification began, in order to repair and maintenance of electric locomotives the inspection platforms were built between every two tracks(from track No.1~7.). Then, the second levels were also added on the inspection platforms between track No. 1 and No.2 for electric locomotives maintenance. At the present time,  the steam locomotives, such as CK101, CK124, and DT668, stopped running and were displayed to at Changhua roundhouse.

▲The Inspection Platform between Tracks 

▲The tracks are between two inspection platforms.

▲The Double-Layered Platform next to Track No. 2.

▲CK101 was the first kind of steam locomotives used by Taiwan Railway Administration.

▲CK124 was the second knid of steam locomotives used by Taiwan Railway Administration.

▲Then, DT668 joined the team of stream locomotives.