The Traverser

The traverser is a turntable set up in the main shaft center like the pointer on a huge clock.   The tracks are spreaded outward from the center the traverser, which not only can provide locomotives the routes to the garage to stay, but also can be used as maintenance or for turning of  steam locomotives in early years.

▲See?  It's really like the pointer on a huge clock!

▲There is also a track on the traverser, whcih is used to connect with the tracks extending to the garage in any directions.

▲Stepping into the center of the traverser is prohibited for tourists because of danger.

▲From this point of view, it's like a ship instead.

▲The big ship is turning!

▲Set the right direction, the ship is ready for entering the harbor!

The traverser are composed of several parts of equipments.  Let's take a look!

▲The Control Booth

▲The Control Lever for Setting The Directions

▲The Waring Lamp

▲The wheel under the control booth is used for rotating the traverser.


▲Round-Shaped Rail Below the Traverser

▲Now, we can clearly understand how the traverser rotates!