Outward Appearance

Changhua roundhouse are composed of garage and traverser: The garage is the place where the locomotives checked and repaired, and the traverser is the key equipment of Changhua roundhouse.  By its function of turning, locomotives can be turned to face any direction, and we can easily adjust the track of them for checking or repairing.  Because steam locomotives could not go backward, the turning function was necessary.  In early years in Japan, there were many traversers established for the turning needs.  Besides, building roundhouses can efficiently utilize the maximum of the limited space, and  reduce the numbers of tracks for repairing locomotives.  Hence, there were many roundhouse set up near train stations.

▲Front View of Changhua Roundhouse from Observation Deck

▲Front View from Different Angle

▲Various Locomotives

▲The shape of Changhua roundhouse is really like an unfolded fan.

▲There are many tracks extended into the garage.

▲Take a picture! Cheese!