The Entrance

Changhua roundhouse is located on the Min-Sheng underpass.  Although there are some guide signs from Changhua train station to here. However, the entrance is not very obvious, and many tourists often come here but cannot find the right way to Changhua roundhouse.  In fact, the entrance is also the front gate of Taiwan Railway Administration Changhua Rolling Stock Branch.  Walk through a short narrow path, and you will find Changhua roundhouse is just in front of you!

▲Changhua Train Station!  Most of the tourists come here by train.

▲Here is the entrance of Changhua roundhouse.  When you come here, don't forget to register for visiting at the guardroom on the left side.

▲The Doorplate of TRA Changhua Rolling Stock Branch(Changhua roundhouse)

▲Follow the visiting route.

▲Walk through the short narrow path. 

▲After walking  for a short distance, you will see Changhua roundhouse finally.