About Changhua County

Changhua County, in central Taiwan, is an abundant agricultural county which is famous for various delicious foods and many ancient monuments. Many tourists are attracted by its beautiful scenery, and always come here on holidays. Changhua county is close to Taichung county in the north, next to Nantou county in the east, and beside to Yunlin county.  In addition, because of combining mountain line and coast line, Changhua is also the transportation center for Taiwan Railroad.

(The information originated from the website of Changhua County Government, http://www.chcg.gov.tw/ch/01us/02environment.asp, and the website of Changhua City Hall, http://www.changhua.gov.tw/?index=public_co&fun_id=1&fun_s_id=1)

About Our Hometown--Tianjhong

Tianjhong township is located in southeastern area of Changhua County. Tianjhong is also close Shetou township in the north, Mingjian township of Nantou county in the east, Sijhou and Ershuei township in the south, and Tianwei township and Beidou township in west.

The original name of Tianjhong(Tianzhong) is named after 'Tianjhongyang', which means the most primary crop in this town is paddy rice.  So, Tianjhong is regarded as "Taiwan's Rice Heaven".  In the past, roses were also one of the main crops in town. Besides, cream agriculture is one of the specialties in Tianjhong.

The total area of Tianjhong covers 34.6056 square kilometers. In addition to Tianjhong train station, the Changhua high-speed rail station located in Tianjhong is currently under construction. In short, the transportation of Tianjhong will be more convenient in the future.


(The information originated from the website of Tianjhong Town Hall, http://www.tienchun.gov.tw/content/index.php?m=1&m1=3&m2=13)

▲Tianjhong Train Station

▲The Logo of Tianjhong(Tianzhong) Township

About Our School

Our school, Changhua County Tianjhong Senior High School, is the only senior high school in Tianjhong so far. The original name of our school was “Changhua County Tianjhong Junior High School” because we just enrolled students from 7th to 9th grade. However, for the joining of senior high school students from 2011, our school has been turned into a school of fully secondary education. Then, because of combining senior high and junior high department, our school name is also changed to “Changhua County Tianjhong Senior High School”.