The Legend of Taiwan Railroad--Changhua Roundhouse

Changhua County, located in central Taiwan, is the place where Changhua, Lukang, and other ancinet township lies. Changhua roundhouse(Changhua fan-shaped garage) located in Changhua city is not only a monument in Changhua county, but also the only remaining fan-shaped garage in Taiwan.  It experienced the Japanese colonial era, the early Republic of China(Taiwan).  To sum up, the history Changhua roundhouse is taken as the history of the development of Taiwan railroad.  

Many tourists came to visit Changhua roundhouse for its historical value on Taiwan railroad.  Therefore,  because of Changhua roundhouse's glorious history and importance on Taiwan Railroad, our team decided to do some deep research about it to let people realize it more, inspire their awareness of historical landmarks protection, and unite power of people to maintain the state of Changhua roundhouse well. By collecting information online, live investigating, interviewing key persons, we are surely to finish a great project!