1. How did your activities and research for this International Schools CyberFair project support content standards, required coursework and curriculum requirements?

Our goal of creating the website about Changhua roundhouse is to make others (non-natives, especially foreigners) learn more about the importance of the historical landmark by web surfing. Since Mr. Yang taught us computer information technology in school, we practiced the skills we learned in computer class, such as dealing and fixing photos and video clips, collecting related materials from internet, arranging paragraphs, and website creating to finish the project. In addition, the theme of the project also corresponded to our history and geography curriculums. So, we also consulted our teachers to gather more information about our theme. Our website may be not good enough, but we still look forward to others’ concern about Changhua roundhouse.

2. What information tools and technologies did you use to complete your Cyberfair project?

Information tools and technoglogies we used are as follows:

Use Content
Personal Computer(Desktop)
5 network-connected computers with Intel i3 CPU to deal with data
Personal Computer(notebook)
1 Acer notebook with Intel i5 CPU to arrange web pages and upload files
Digital Camera(Panasonic GF1)
Take pictures and record videos during the interview
Smart Phone(Xiaomi 2S,etc.)
Take pictures and record videos for backup during the interview
Keep in touch with team members
32G Flash Drive 
Store backup web pages and related data

SoftwareUse Content
Photo Impact 11
Image Processing
PhotoCap 6.0
Photo Resizing
Artisteer 4
Website Creating and Outline Arranging
Namo Webeditor 6.0
Website Creating
Power Director 11
Video Coding and Fixing
Format factory 2.7
Video Compressing
FileZilla Client 3.1
Upload web pages

Oral InterviewVisit the natives to collect more information about our theme

Besides softwares,  all the hardware tools are provided by ourselves.

3. In what ways did your students act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your Cyberfair project both on-line and in person.

Our direct teachers, Mr. Yang and Ms. Tsou, both live in Changhua city, and that is one of reasons we chose Changhua roundhouse as our theme of the project. Tianjhong township is close to Changhua city, and also belongs to Changhua county. So, we are all natives. The website we created not only stands for our ture emotion toward the local historical landmark but also presents a great introduction and tour guide about Changhua roundhouse for tourists (non-natives, especially foreigners). And, after interviewing Mr. Lai and Mr. Yen, we, students, also will spread the concept of protecting our precious by ourselves.

4. What has been or will be the impact of your project on your community?

The website was established from our point of view, so people surfing our web pages not only could learn more about the information about the only roundhouse of Taiwan—Changhua roundhouse, but also were informed the existence of our school(Tianjhong Senior High School) and specialities of Changhua county. By the power of the website, more and more people will know that there is a unique roundhouse in Changhua county of Taiwan. This is really meaningful to us! For this reason, during the period of collecting information, people working for Taiwan Railway Administration are all willing to help us, such as Mr. Lai, Mr. Yen, and our teacher’s father, Mr. Tsou. At last, thanks for their helping, we finished this project smoothly!

5. How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?

Important Persons we have to thank the most are Mr. Lai, Mr. Yen, and our teacher’s father, Mr. Tsou. They are all natives. Several days before the interviewing, Mr. Tsou got into contact with his colleagues, Mr. Lai and Mr. Yen, and asked them for helping us. Therefore, on the day of interviewing, Mr. Lai was our tour guide, and Mr. Yen demonstrated how to fix the brakes of locomotives. As Mr. Lai said, Changhua roundhouse is the only one existing in Taiwan, and it will vanish soon if we do not take good care of it. In other words, we have the duty to keep it well and be responsible for the history of Taiwan railroad. Therefore, our next generations will not forget Changhua roundhouse's great contribution on Taiwan railroad.

6. Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises

After finishing the project, we are really surprised at the importance of Changhua roundhouse. During the early years, there were many roundhouses in Taiwan. But now, we just have Changhua roundhouse left. What a pity! If we don’ t care about something ordinarily, it won’t come back again after vanishing when we need it! And, with its disappearance, people won’t remember it any more in the future.