Yen, Jung-Hsien

After Mr. Lai's introduction to Changhua roundhouse, we were introduced to  Mr. Yen by our teachers.  As soon as understanding the reason why we chose the theme as our research project, he enthusiastically showed us a special skill--replacing the brake pads of locomotives.  The demonstration was very rare for common tourists.  Especially for us, we were all surprised at his demonstration! It was really impressive!  

Mr. Yen, Jung-Hsien

Position: Technical Assistant

Resposibility: Repairing locomotives

Years of Service: About 37 Years

Here is a video clip of Mr. Yen's demonstration(in Chinese):

▲At first, he should remove the old brake pads.  What a large brake pad!  It's really far bigger than cars'.

▲Prepare new brake pad for installation.

▲Start installing!

▲Check the newly installed brake pad with hands.

▲Fix the pad with wrench, and make sure it has been fixed at the right place.

▲Then, tighten the screws of transmission shaft.

▲Put the fixing latch on the transmission shaft.


▲Lock the latch tightly.

▲Well done!