History about Changhua Roundhouse

In April of 1887, Taiwan Provincial Governor Liu Ming-Chuan was authorized and approved to build Taiwan Railroad, and Taiwan Railroad Business Administration was set up on 20th in May.  Generally speaking, this year is the founding year of Taiwan Railway.

In October of 1891, the railroad from Keelung  to Taipei opened (28.6 km), and would continue to build to the south of Taipei, Hsinchu ( 1888-1893, the 78.1 km), which was  Taiwan's first railroad.

The construction was continued during the Japanese colonial era. After 105 years of contruction, with the completion of the construction of the South Link railroad, the railroad system surrounding Taiwan island was finally born in 1992.

The construction of Changhua roundhouse was completed in 1922, which was established for the needs of steam locomotives.  Besides, it  was maintenance base of steam locomotives in central Taiwan.  From a bird's eye view, the tracks and garage are like an unfolding fan.  Therefore, we called Changhua roundhouse as "fan-shaped garage" in Chinese.   It is the only working roundhouse existing in Taiwan.

There were  roundhouses in Taipei, Hsinchu, Changhua, Chiayi, Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung harbor during the Japanese colonial era, because of the joining of electrific locomotives, only Changhua roundhouse is not removed now. (The information originated from Wang, Hsien-Pi)

Taipei Roundhouse in 1980s

Half-Broken Hsinchu Roundhouse in 1989(Photoed by Lai, Te-Hsiang)

Chiayi Roundhouse in 1993(Photoed by Su, Chao-Hsu)