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Producing Wenshan Baozhong tea  

quality varies with the different seasons, usually spring and winter are the seasons for producing high-grade Baozhong tea, and autumn is secondary. Because of the hot weather in summer, it is more suitable for producing Bai Hau Oolong and black tea. 

Tea leaf production graph.
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  The procedure for producing Wenshan Baozhong tea:  



The best time for picking is noon at 12 until 3 in the afternoon, different areas of the leaves are picked for different teas, some pick the top shoot and the first leaf called one shoot one leaf, some pick an extra leaf called one shoot two leaves. Currently there are only one-man type and two-man type tea picking machines, now that machines can be used to pick tea, it makes tea picking quick and effortless.

When picking tea, the index finger and the thumb are used to grasp the middle of the young stem between the leaves, and the elasticity of the two fingers are used to break off the tea leaf.

  The tea shoots are sun-dried after being picked, or hot air is used to allow the moisture in the tea shoots to evaporate, this reduces the water content and activity level in the cells, and also removes the semi-permeable membrane. Through the oxidation of enzymes, the various chemicals in the cells trigger the fermentation process, after stirring they are laid flat on a flat round basket.  
  3.Indoor wilting and mixing  
  The goal of indoor wilting is to produce the unique aroma and taste of Baozhong tea; stirring is to promote fermentation.  
  When the tea shoots wilt to a certain degree it is pan-roasted in high temperature to disrupt enzyme activity, prevent the tea from further fermentation, and keep the special aroma and taste of Baozhong tea. This can also eliminate the bad shoot smell of the fresh leaves, and the fresh leaves will be easier to knead because of the evaporated moisture.  
  Placing the tea shoots into the kneading machine after pan-roasting will allow them to roll and form a curl-shape. Because the tea leaves are rolled and pressed, a portion of the juices will be squeezed out and will stick to the surface of the leaves, this can easily dissolve into the tea when it is being brewed; different teas have different levels of kneading. Also, the tea leaves will curl through outer force, allowing the appearance to be more beautiful and making them easier to sell.  
  After kneading, drying uses the hot air from the drying machine to dry the tea leaves so that the water content is lower then 4%, making the tea leaves easier to store and ship. Usually in order to allow the internal and external leaves to dry consistently, a two-time drying method is used, allowing the tea leaves to first dry 70% to 80%, removing them and re-placing them in the dryer, and undergoing a secondary drying process.  
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