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The difficulties and challenges facing Wenshan Baozhong tea  
  1.Through our research and interviews, we found out many challenges and difficulties facing Taipei tea:  

Because the appearance of tea beverages in the market, many artificial flavors and sugar are added to tea, causing many people to dislike original tea flavor. The reason the teas on the market are so strong is because they have artificial enzymes and flavoring, they are not good teas if they need additives to hide their original taste.

Tea production process graph.
Demonstration tea area.
  2.The decrease in production area and population:  
  Currently in the entire area of Taipei , only the Wenshan and Nangang Districts continue to produce tea, the young population all work in the cities, causing the production and import amounts of tea to decrease yearly. No wonder Mr. Ming-Yuan Lin of the Nangang Farmer’s Association jokingly said that there are only tea picking mothers nowadays, and no more tea picking girls!  
  3.The challenges of other beverages and imported teas:  
  With the development of modern foods and drinks, there are constantly new beverages being promoted that attract the attention of young consumers, it is very difficult to find a young group that is willing to calm down, and leisurely enjoy a teapot of good tea. In the past few years, the ratio of cheaper imported teas is steadily increasing. It is hard for traditional tea farmers and tea merchants to continue operations, for example Wang’s tea that we interviewed, in the past the tea industry was flourishing, but now there are no longer many local tea merchants in Da Dao Cheng. Wang’s Tea is one of the few tea merchants still located there, their perseverance and management efforts are invaluable, but it causes us to worry whether the traditional and elegant tea aroma can continue to flow around us in the future.  
  4.The profit cannot be reasonably allocated to tea farmers:  
  The tea farmer sales system has commission taken at every level, resulting in the inability of tea farmers to gain reasonable profits, resulting in a bad cycle; many tea farmers are unwilling to make additional investments, so the tea quality is lower.  
The tea show
The tea farmer
  5.The irrigation water does not have stable sources:  
  The rain level is uneven in the rain season and drought season in Taiwan , most mountains lack irrigation sources, so the tea quality is not stable.  
  The future  
  These factors: the outflow of young workers, decrease in tea growing area, and the competition with imported teas, all cause problems for tea farmers, how do we face and solve these problems? How do we develop local tea culture characteristics? How do we maintain the industry historical value? Many questions and problems are waiting for us to solve, but it also requires the promotion of the government and the people. Many farmers have found opportunities through government assistance, they have started organic tea growing, developed a tea production location resume system, held many tea knowledge competitions and certifications, taken the tea industry into the recreational industry, and increased the variety of processed tea products; allowing the public to understand tea culture, tea knowledge, and to enjoy a variety of tea products. “There is nothing that is hard in the world, as long as someone is willing to put in effort.” Maybe through one small step at a time and the hard work from different sectors, we will allow the aroma of tea to continue to flow in our lives.  
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