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Drinking Wenshan Baozhong tea  

1.The first infusion is for 40 seconds, the second 20 seconds, and the third 20 seconds.

2.: In the circumstances where there is no tea washing, the first, second, and third infusion times can have the following combinations:

20 seconds 15 seconds15 seconds, 15 seconds10 seconds10 seconds, 10 seconds5 seconds5 seconds, 5 seconds3 seconds3 seconds, there is also quick brew and quick pour, etc.  

3. You must choose a teapot with a big spout, allowing the water to pour out quickly and smoothly. If the spout is too small and the water pours out slowly, you must remember to shorten the infusion time and pour the tea out earlier.

• Whether or not you need to tea wash depends on the individual, some think that the tea wash can “wash” the tea leaves, and “get rid” of “dirty” things on the tea leaves. Because the tea wash will reduce the essence of the first infusion, so the tea wash is not a necessary action.

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