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Project summery

Here we give detailed information regarding the main factors of our research project.

Chingshin Tea Team

We are good research partners, this describes our work allocation, reflections, and appreciations.

Reference information

Intellectual property rights are very important, here we have listed the websites and books we referred to. Friends that are interested can use this information to explore tea further.

Beautiful tea.

Our team leader describes the motives and origin of the research project.

The story of Wenshan Baozhong tea.

Introducing the basic background of Wenshan Baozhong tea.

Tea classroom

Here we have included a lot of information regarding tea, allowing you to become a little tea specialist.

Finding tea problems

Through the research project we discovered problems and obstacles facing tea farmers and tea merchants.

Asking the specialists

In order to solve our questions and problems regard tea management, we asked many professionals and specialists.


We made a survey to educate the public and understand their knowledge of tea. Although the interviews were fun and interesting, the knowledge we learned still needed to be recorded on our learning sheets.

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