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Pingling Tea Museum  
  Time: February, 8, 2007
Location: Pingling Tea Museum
Advisor: Mr. Ming-Nan Chen
Team members: Feng Yuan, Jing-Wen Fan, Ching-Dan Chiang, Ching-Yi Chiang
Chingshin Tea Team finding tea.
Visiting the hometown of Baozhong tea.
  Museum characteristics  

The Pinglin Tea Museum occupies 2.7 hectares; it is the world’s second established tea museum, and also claims to be the biggest tea museum in the world. The tea museum is located next to the Pinglin old bridge, it is a two-floored Taiwanese style manor, and in order to create an ancient feeling, the appearance of the building uses designs such as long corridors and round doors, and the building materials mainly consist of tile and wood. 

  The underground level of the tea museum has a combined exhibition, it displays three main units: tea things, tea history, and tea art. Part of the tea things exhibits modern tea manufacturing machines, traditional tea manufacturing machines, tea categorization, tea production methods in the Tang and Song Dynasties, introduction to famous teas in Taiwan, and tea producing areas in the world and in China; around 15 major themes regarding the tea industry. The tea history exhibition has the origins of tea, the teas of different dynasties, an introduction of the Tea God Lu Yu, Pinglin tea history, the history of Wenshan Baozhong tea development; 15 topics related to the history of the tea industry. The tea art exhibition has 14 topics including tea pot nursing, introduction of famous teapots, tea songs, tea books, and learning about tea leaves.  

  Besides the exhibition hall, the first level is the activity exhibition hall; it holds regular exhibitions and activities, such as tea photography, tea production evaluation, and famous modern ceramic tea utensils. Coming to the Tea Industry Museum, you will learn a lot of professional tea knowledge, and besides  just “tea,” the garden, the pagodas, the bridges, and the running water, will all cause you to relax and make you not want to leave. 

  In the Tea Industry Museum , besides the exhibition hall and the activity exhibition hall, there are towers and pagodas that are used as places for tourists to taste and enjoy teas, after viewing all the tea related exhibitions, it is worth your time to enter a pagoda and leisurely enjoy a brew of good tea.

The graceful museum garden.
Learning about tea in the tea museum.
  Contact method  
  Museum address: 19-1, Shuei-song-ci-keng St., Shueide Village, Pinglin Township, Taipei County 232, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Telephone: 02-26656035  
Opening times: 9: 00A M to 5:00PM, closed on Mondays.
Listening to the explanations.
Introduction to the tea production areas in Mainland China .

After visiting the Pinglin Tea Museum , besides increasing our knowledge of tea, we experienced the good scenery of Pinglin; it did not contest the good name of “ Pinglin Tea Town .” Coming here, we discovered that there are many hills in Pinglin and the weather is warm and humid, very suitable for growing tea trees. “South Oolong, North Baozhong ,” is the best compliment to Wenshan Baozhong tea. The excellent natural environment, the hard working tea farmers, and the high level of tea production skills are the force behind the Pinglin tea town name. 

After having a deeper understanding, we also started to worry for the tea farmers and future development of the tea industry, external factors such as: the outflow of young workers, decrease in tea growing area, and the competition with imported teas, are all problems facing tea farmers today, how do we face and solve these problems? How do we develop local tea culture characteristics? How do we maintain the historical value of the industry?

Through our interviews, we discovered that fortunately, many farmers have found opportunities through government assistance; they have started organic tea growing, developed a tea production location resume system, transferred the tea industry into the field of recreation, have held educational and promotional events to allow the public to further understand tea culture and tea knowledge, and to enjoy a variety of tea products. We look forward to the future cooperation between the government and the people. The “Chingshin Tea Team” also hopes that our research project website can help the tea farmers as well as tea culture and development, allowing the aroma of tea to continue to flow in our lives.

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