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Written :Feng Yuan
Team members

My mother loves drinking cold jasmine tea; my father enjoys brewing a pot of aromatic tea “with all the tools.” They often use this as a standard of culture to tease one another, I often ask my parents, is what kind of tea you drink “really such a serious matter?” My parents said that in Chinese and foreign history, scholars and people with culture all taste tea and talk about swords, taste tea and have discussions…, is “tea” really the gentleman in life?

Whenever I stand in front of the rows of drinks in the convenience store, with all the different types of teas, I really do not know where to start. My parents love recreational activities, so they often take me to Maokong or various recreation sites; we are always stunned by the amount of descriptions on the teahouse menus. So I decided to do some exploring, I called together all my good friends, and created the “Chingshin Tea Team.” We all jumped into the “sea of tea,” in hope that we could all become little tea experts!

We thank the school for their encouragement; we also thank our teacher Mr. Ming-Nan Chen for all his hard work and support. We hope that the topical research project, that we produced through the use of internet and various information technologies, can be a small contribution to the community that we have grown up in.

Written by Feng Yuan

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