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Portrait of Tung Tso-pin

Tung Tso-pin was born in Nanyang, Honan Province, in 1985 and became an auditor of the Beijing University at age 28. He started his study from oracles. He specialized in folksongs when he as at the Beijing University, when oracle bone scripts were just unearthed from Anyang, Honan Province. Though the findings interested only a few scholars, Tung expressed strong curiosity because he was a native of Honan. Therefore, he decided to study the Chinese hermeneutics and philology from Siaosheu while digging the oracle bone scripts.

  The Institute of  History and Philology Preparatory Office of the Academia Sinica was established when Tung was 34. He was hired as a coordinator investigating the digging condition of oracles at the Yin Dynasty ruins. In autumn, the Institute of History and Philology was officially established. Tung was hired as an editor directing the test digging work at the ruins in Siaotun Village. It was the scientific digging in the area. A total of fifteen scientific diggings were carried out in Siaotun, Anyang, Honan, and Tung participated in almost all diggings, except the 8th, 10th, 14th and 15th diggings. All his most important works are related to oracle bone scripts. He chaired the Institute of  History and Philology at age 57 and assisted the digging of the Shihsanhang Ruins in Taiwan.

   His devotion to the oracle studies gave him the chance to become a master calligrapher of the oracle form. People from different parts of the world thus asked for his oracle calligraphy works. He was a kind person and seldom rejected their requests. When his disciples or friends were getting married, a song with a strong native sense or a couplet in oracle form was his wedding present for them. Today, they are invaluable treasures.


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