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    The Hu Shih Park occupies an area of about 2.3 hectares is located in the west of the Jiuzhuang Hill. According to the literature in Taiwan history, the park area was called the juahin and was an important outlet of the Dalan Ancient Trail in the Qing Dynasty. According to the Gemalan Chronicle of Yilan, "From Munga (known as Wanhua today), Xikou to Ham-a-tan, there were three valleys: the juahin, sandiau and longlong, with a distance of 36 mile..." The ham-a-tan is known as Yilan today. There was a route leading to Yilan next to the Hu Shih Park (Taipei Environment Ecology Site, 2007). The park is located in a quiet area. As it faces toward the west and the Nankang District is very humid, towering trees are covered with ferns and stone staircases are covered with green. When one walks in the park, he will surely forget every trouble in the real world.