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Hu  and JZES 
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Next to the Academia Sinica, neighboring the Hu Shih Park


Our schoolJiuzhuang Elementary School

   We sing the school song but we never notice what the lyrics means. It seems that the school is really old, and the school song never changed. When parents visit the school on the open day, they miss it a lot!

   The Jiuzhuang Hill lying behind the campus is our paradise. The Hu Shih Park on the other side of the hill is the first stop of our morning outing looking for attractions. In fact, the park is like our backyard garden. The Academia Sinica is across from the Hu Shih Park. Teachers would take us there occasionally to see different exhibitions, such as ecology, insects, geology, historical monuments etc. It seems to be a multifunctional museum of the community. They have become part of our daily life and are nothing different to us. It was not until teachers showed us some old pictures that we realized…

JZES was built in 1958 with the help of Hu Shih

     The JZES was originally a branch of the Nanking Elementary School. Mr. Yang De-zhuan was dean of the Jiuzhuang Branch then. When Hu met local representatives and ministers, he expressed strong concern for education development. It was for this reason that the Jiuzhuang Branch became the JZES.


Problems in land for the playground and water supply were solved with the help of Hu Shih

In the beginning, school facilities were primitive then.  Hu donated a sum of NT$5000 out of generosity for the expansion and development of the school buildings. He even donated books and equipment to the school. The first headmistress Ma Ziu-yu and students were very grateful to him, and even presented to him a certificate of appreciation. Hu was invited to cut the ribbon and deliver a speech on the importance of elementary education at the make up opening ceremony of the JZES held on 28 June 1959.

Books and equipment donated by Hu

    Who is heMr. Hu Shih?


  Why could he persuade the government to build the JZES and solve other problems of the school?

  Why was the park behind the school named after him?

  What great philosophers and thinkers were hidden behind the stone staircases and kiosks where we enjoy fun inside the Hu Shih Park?

Hu received the certificate of appreciation from Headmistress Ma

Headmistress Ma presented the certificate of appreciation to Hu


**Pictures and materials in this page are courtesy of the Hu Shih Memorial Hall**