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Kin-San Temple

  The Kin-San Temple was built over two hundred years ago, and it is one of the country's  historical sites. Its original name was Lin-Chuan Temple.
  The oldest carvings were carved on the flat surface of the front of the temple in 1854. The carvings are very important culture products  and the bullet-holes on them are evidence of the World War II, showing the traces of the Japanese army's  attacking to Taiwan.
  The Management Bureau of the Science Park began  repairing Kin-San Temple in 1990 and turned the temple  back to it's original appearance. Now, the Kin-San Temple is once again one of the city's most popular religious centers.
  The Kin-San Temple has a mud carved Guan-Ying statue, which is famous through Taiwan, a pair of stone lions and eighteen Low-Han. The temple is mostly made out of  bricks, mud  and pebbles. And the roof is covered by red tiles. Overall, it gives people a feeling  of closeness and warmth. 



 The old Kin-San Temple


Stone tablets in Chu-Chong elementary school

  There are two ancient stone tablets in Chu-Chong elementary school, which have been there since the Ching dynasty. They are the only precious stone tablets, well-preserved, in the Kin-San-Mian area. They provide lots of historical information and prove that there was a connection between the Lin family (the Lin family cultivated Chu-Bei) and Kin-San-Main.


The stone tablets


The justice temple

  The Justice Temple is on a piece of grassland in the third-phase settlement area of the Science  Park. The locals call it Ho-Nan-Gong.
   In 1894, China lost the Sino-Japanese War, so they gave Taiwan to Japan. The Taiwanese fought against   the Japan, but could not stop them from coming in.
  The defeated Taiwanese soldiers mostly fled to Taipei county, but some ran to the other direction: Kin-San- Mian. They were killed  by Japanese and there bones were buried in the fields. Later days, people collected the bones and made the Ho-Nan-Gong grave. 
  The Ho-Nan Gong tomb officially moved to the third period settlement area in 1996 and a temple was built. They later called it The Justice Temple.



Gi-Fu Temple

  Gi-fu-Temple is  the  united office of six  little shrines on the third-phase  settlement  area of Science Park  .
  Because of the Science  Park's land-buying project in the third-phase , the management put all the little shrines together. They spent about ten million for building the beautiful temple . 


(Offered by the Studio of Kin-San-Mian Cultural and Historical Study)